Acer Extensa Acer. If you are have any concerns you can contact our technical support helpline on for the best advice and to help ensure you have the right Acer laptop replacement screen. Or the order will be shipped to your PayPal address. Please select the correct Acer Extensa laptop below to ensure you select the right screen for your laptop. Replacement, Brand New Chemistry:

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Once payment is received, we will arrange the shipment of your order within 24 hours Business days. The mAh 9 Cells battery will extend out about 1 inch from the back of the laptop. If you choose “Paypal Express Checkout” as the check out process not supply the shipping address on acdr websiteplease key in the correct shipping address in English while checking out with PayPal.

Battery for Acer Aspire acee, Acer Extensa Acer. This replacement battery for Acer Extensa will be sent well packed in anti-static bag, Boxed in sponge padded box and further sealed in plastic bag. Most of our clients are capable of following our step by step instructions on installing a replacement Acer Extensa laptop screen.

Acer Extensa 4230 Quick Manual: Specifications

If your Acer Extensa battery does not charge up to full capacity you should remove it from the device and then place it back inside of the device. Description Compatibility Shipping Payment Warranty. The two most common reasons which require the replacement of the display screen on your Acer Extensa laptop are if the screen has a visible crack or when the screen is displaying vertical or horizontal lines that should not be showing. Make sure that these attributes match the screen which is being removed from your existing Acer laptop.


How to charge a new battery for Acer Extensa for the first time use? Extesa select the correct Acer Extensa laptop below to ensure you select the right screen for your laptop.

GB Please find out your old battery’s part number or the exact model name of your laptop at first like ‘Extensa ‘then to match our product compatibility chart. There are currently no items in your basket.

Compatible Part Numbers AK. No, you do not need to have a PayPal account.

Specifications – Acer Extensa Quick Manual [Page 10]

Laptp is a high capacity battery, the back of this battery will extend out about 1 inch bigger size. Different Acer Extensa laptops often have a number of different extnsa laptop screens available, please ensure that the laptop screen you order matches the screen which is installed in your Acer laptop for full compatibility. When you pay with PayPal, your credit card number is never exposed, and for the buyer, Paypal is totally free. All trademarks are acknowledged.

The attributes of your laptop screen which are to be considered are; the backlight type style – CCFL or LED the laptop screen finish – matt or gloss the Acer screen size the Acer screen resolution the Acer connection location Make sure that these attributes match the screen which is being exyensa from your existing Acer laptop.


Acer Extensa

We have a strict testing process to ensure the battery for Acer Extensa you’ve ordered are functionally correct before they are packed and sent to you. Is it necessary etensa have a PayPal account for payment? Second please compare your old battery’s shape to our product images ensure they are the same. If your Extensa laptop screen is dimmer than normal, it sxtensa most likely that the issue is with the inverter aver not with the laptop screen itself, in which case we suggest contacting your local computer repair shop so they can examine the issue in more depth.

What is the standard product warranty for this replacement Acer Extensa battery? When the shipment is confirmed, you’ll receive a tracking number in your confirmation e-mail. Delivery date here means the shipping date.

Finally check the voltage Rating is same to your old battery’s. All trademarks shown above are solely for identification purposes. How to check this battery is compatible with my laptop? Or the order will be shipped to your PayPal address. If I order the replacement Acer Extensa battery now. The only equipment which is needed in most cases is a small screwdriver, and the replacement process takes 20 minutes from start to finish.