Nice club Once you learn the trick to hitting with, it’s a great club. These distances are no longer than I hit my old irons. Standard stiff shaft I hit this for my yard shot. Shot an 83 from the blue tees this week, and I am normally about a 16 handicapper. While I love the clubs you may want to know that I am not hitting the ball any longer than I did with my old set. If you have been struggling with hybrid and you need a club to fit the situations where a 3 iron is just not enough club, the Idea a7OS hybrids are really a great choice. Like any golfer, Adams Golf believes the problem isn’t in the swing, it’s in the clubs.

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This set is definitely the way to go. My buddies that try my irons and hybrids love the way they feel.

Goes too far for me to say this is a 3I equivalent in my bag. I should say that I love all of the clubs, with the possible exception of the GW, which does not impart much back spin for a fairly high lofted club.

admas Why is this review inappropriate? While you are at it, pick up a sand wedge as well – it makes sand shots too easy! Problem is the grip is way to small for the average man.

Overall I love the feel and forgiveness in this club. Got me over the bogey golf hump After having golfed sparsely for most of my life, I began golfing a lot with my girlfriend the past 2 years, and got to a point where I felt my adama equipment was keeping me from scoring better.


The set I bought had the 3, 4, 5, 6 hybrids and 7 through sand wedge with regular shafts.

I bought a new set of irons Callaway X’s and it did not come with a three iron so I purchased this club to fill the hole in my bag. Award winning and include our tour leading hybrids, the 1 hybrids on tour for over 5-years.

Reviews: Adams Golf Idea a7OS Iron Set Golf Club | eBay

Compared to my normal iron set, the Adams clubs go further and straighter. The cambered soles and weighting system of the mid and short irons optimizes distance, gapping and launch conditions.

What really surprised me, though, was the short irons 8,9,PW. While I love the clubs you may want to know that I am not hitting the ball any longer than I did with my old set.

Ada,s am ordering a full set based on my experience with the 7 8 irons.

Reviews: Adams-Golf-Idea-a7OS-Hybrid-Utility-Club-Golf-Club | eBay

The ebay price was better than I could find anywhere else. I decided to upgrade my irons this year and couldn’t be happier with the Adams a7os Hybrid Max set.

These clubs have literally changed my golf game for the better. When I ca me back to the game I could not hit any mid to long irons without losing distance and direction.


They are very forgiving but will also reward a good swing appropriately. A friend recommended the Adams’ a7OS hybrid and I have been delighted with the ease, consistency, and the distance this club offers.

Grafalloy ProLaunch Axis Grip: So A7oa decided to have the same one for woman. The A7OS irons have a slight draw bias so they go straighter f or me.

Adams Golf Idea a7OS Irons

I played Ping Eye 2 irons for years. In the past this shot was a pain to nail. I originally bought them becaus aeams I was noticing at the executive course where I play that I was hitting more yard greens as I was to yard greens.

They work well from any type of lie, bare to fluffy. It is rated 1 hybrid in the tour for a reason. If you are a hybrid fan like me, you’ll especially appreciate hybrids for the and semi-hybrids for the 6 and 7. Great game improvement irons and hybrids!

Fantastic club at a great price Adams make the finest and easiest to hit hybrid on the market. On the second fairway, I pulled out the 5 hybrid and put the ball right on the green, pin high. Best of all, I can get great height on the ball flight and it goes straight.