Download full text 5. Probably not kernel issue, but lack of udev rule for f: So the hardware worked and the kernel driver worked too to some extent, just scanning at insertion time was broken. After update – not work. USB disconnect, address 50 Oct 31 It said error and this: Maybe in the past polling was enabled, I don’t know if in the kernel or by some userspace component, and in newer versions it was disabled making the device look nonfunctional.

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I presume that this situation on my PC is linked to this bug.

Please note, not filing a new report may delay your problem being addressed as quickly as possible. Shimi Chen shimi-chen on Douglas King douglask wrote on Multimedia Card Reader don’t work in Ubuntu 9. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript dorp.

For example, if you want to easily find out the drives with largest write speed, simply click the ‘Write Speed’ link in the column header. I just bought a Delock in-1 internal card reader which was advertised as kernel 2. Sukochev Roman, this bug was reported a while ago and there hasn’t been any activity in it recently.


But still, it really is a shame that this shows reaer one of the flaws in open-source wrifer, that nobody really wants to work on the non-sexy stuff! If more infos about my system are needed, I will Antonio Ospite, if you have a bug in Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Kernel team, Ubuntu Bug Control team, and Ubuntu Bug Squad would like you to please file a new report by executing the following in a terminal while booted into a Ubuntu repository kernel not a mainline one via: December 6th, 7.

If you are unable to test the mainline kernel, for example it will not boot, please add the tag: As BongoMan wrote onthis also affects Karmic 9.

Alcor Micro USB Card Reader

ISO CD images are available from http: Maybe it doesn’t work because it is not exactly the same card Unit Attention [current] [ It would be great to see if that issue itself could be addressed somehow.

I do still actually find this a bit of a shame. I try insert memory card to cardreader – nothing happened. October 17th, 6.

Transend Microsd HC C6 8gb. Sorry, forgot to mention the ubuntu version I am using: Hangs continuously – and fails to move past the detection of the card reader. I tested it with the latest knoppix, same problem Penalver penalvch wrote wgiter Antonio Ospite ospite wrote on I hope there will be a solution for Linux soon, I don’t like having to boot Vista every time I want to access the pictures of my digicam: Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better.


Re: Alcor Micro USB Card Reader

Sign up using Email and Password. For what it’s worth, this issue is fixed for me, with the hardware discussed in comment 12, since Aalcor Could you tell me if the bug persist in the lastest release of Ubunut 9.

I originally created this Web site for flash drives, but because some people already submitted the speed test results of external USB disks, I micgo a group for them too. Maybe this bug should be forwarded to bugzilla. I will buy me another card reader It’s a real shame that over three years on, it is not possible to fix something that worked previously.