It does not do this when the machine starts up or restarts, only when it comes out of sleep mode. I think i have all the same problems. I should also point out that I am in an apartment building with fiber optic 10MB up and down to each room, and I don’t know much about how my network runs besides that. Is this a recent internet installation? Repeat steps d through f for all the network connections 2. Ran full AVG Virus Scan with negative results I read about but have not been able to do the following that apparently worked for others: As for setting the network card I did that about 8 or 9 times to many.

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My internet service provider is Charter Cable.

With this I might be able to help you better. No software firewall is installed. All of my Vista updates are current.

Friday, June 13, 7: I presume that the modem is supplied by your cable company and is compatible with their technology. So resetting the modem just force the modem to retrieve the last config from server sure it do it automaticaly too but at very spaced interval. Windows Vista IT Pro. Sep 1 ’09 at 2: Power-Troubleshooter – Event ID: At this point it seems to happen only with Windows Vista Ultimate edition although I only have one Vista Business Edition and one Vista Ultimate edition to test with 2.


How do I correct this problem? I’m still not sure what is in the IPv6 component that would be doing this and why in the world it would start the spouting when the system comes out of sleep mode or at least that is the only time I can reproduce the problem.

Okay I tried to connect my broadband cable to both my laptops and got the following: I can then shut down Vista and when I start it back up NT Canuck, Sep 22, ALL of these programs are listed as compatible with Vista x Even the computers connected to router through wire can’t access internet after this.

SG :: Ubee U10C Cable Modem

Yeah, that the one. I’ve played around with this some more, and it appears to only happen with a specific On MohterBoard Network Card from Intel.

After some testing I have a bit more information on this ivsta Cable modem is an Ambit U10C I believe the Linksys has a built in firewall. Wednesday, March 7, 9: Got the router up and unning again.

The reason I can say it is about made-up MAC addresses, is that at MAC addresses on the same port, our network swtich shuts the port off. I visga I could provide some better advice, but internet specifics are not my strong point.



I have had exactly the same problem on two occasions and each time I have used System Restore to go back to a Restore Point prior to the latest Windows Updates and on both occasions my Internet speed has returned to normal. The IP address also is problematic. The desktop and Pc u10c0018 use Vista.

Since this has been happening to me over the last few months and occurs rather frequently, I’ve had noticed a few patterns. And yes you do have to both uncheck the box on the connection and set the registry key, if u10f018 only do one it does not seem to actually stop IPv6 from running.

Ubee U10C018

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. My situation wasn’t the same visat it worked for me. But when I disable IPv6 via the following steps: I know you used 3 different devices, but just to be thorough, double-check DHCP on your network card settings.