In Case You Missed it The small BGA chipset does not require any form of cooling as it works fine with zero airflow. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. It seems that even the almighty Intel can buckle under pressure from consumers eventually! Stock performance was good, and the board was loaded to the gills with features. The line of the MHz processors extended with the models at 2.

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This technology is designed to accelerate memory access by the CPU, bypassing springeale memory wait states, but running this requires great frequency memory modules. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Today we will look at the different variations and features common to all.

Intel, not wanting to loose out to others like SiS with upcoming chipsets costing far less, and VIA’s free chlpset to the Intel Pentium 4 architecture to build chipsets, had to come up with a cheaper alternative.

As usual, if Intel’s solutions have equal clock speeds but different bus frequency, cache size or something else, the new models get letters added to the name of the original model; in this case it’s “C”, which also indicates the Hyper-Threading support. Note that only these boards show so unique results, while the rest go on a par we tested 6 boards on the iP from brand-name companies.

AOpen AX4SPE Max iPE Motherboard Review –

At the same time, the board on the iG comes from Intel itself, and models of this company can’t boast a high speed. It inte like only yesterday that Intel brought us the newest member of its Pentium 4 processor family, the IP. While the E was officially a workstation chipset, Intel had finally offered up a dual channel DDR based chipset that could provide the Iintel 4 with sufficient bandwidth! In fact, it could be said that the changes to the i series were more of an evolutionary path, but late last year when Intel released the E Granite Bay chipset the revolution started.


Current students and faculty of accredited Universities may use Frostytech images in research papers and thesis, provided each image is attributed. Actually, it’s possible soringdale arrange support for the MHz processors, but, as you will see below, the memory speed can’t be changed DDR AOpen have been using a black coloured PCB for their motherboards the last little while, and I must sprngdale it looks pretty nice.

Just note that its core clock speed is MHz, i.

Intel’s i Sprindale dual channel DDR chipet. Just look at the diagram of the i And judging by the maximum timings ofthe difference between the integrated and discrete versions of the chipset doesn’t look strange, that is why this is actually the parity.

A worthy mainstream motherboard. It looks like that we will have to wait for a new chipset from SiS.

Intel I865 “Springdale” Chipset Review

This also free’s up the PCI bus for the other system devices. The most visible aspect is the copper northbridge heatsink which cools the i chip. The iPE would have to last out a little while longer until i Springdale was ready. I mean that with the beta it had the same Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Unfortunately, we have data only on the Intel’s family. In April of this year Intel released the iP ‘Canterwood’ chipset which cbipset replaced the iE as the top of the line sprringdale northbridge.


Finally, the iP falls too much behind springdle iPE to assume it just an accidental difference, and the proper operation at high FSB and memory speeds needs the internal optimization, but the junior model is deprived of it. That is why the choice between the support for the future Prescott though only the first models, with the FSB MHz and the support for Willamette leaving the market looks quite transparent.

i (Springdale) Family – a reasonable substitute for iP

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Although it’s chipwet to compare the integrated graphics of the iG with the GeForce FX, but in some cases in low resolution it provides an acceptable performance level. The board is well labelled from the dip switches to the the front panel headers.

In Case You Missed it We hoped that we could run the Pentium 4 3. While this may seem like a great step forward, these features incur a price premium. Certainly you shouldn’t dash to replace the old board with the new one, inrel if you are going to buy one, you should take into account Intel’s dual-channel chipsets.

Top 5 Heatsinks Tested.