We were not able to reproduce the error you described. To learn more about both please refer to the comparison. We achieve this goal by the quality and actuality of our security products, as well as competence and commitment of our team. SmrxTiming Please sign in. For more information please see our Terms of Use. Cancel Add to Cart. Our Philosophy Our goal is to assist you in solving specific security problems on ksb Internet, IT networks and in telecommunications.

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Axalto token didn’t have the above problem, it just works.

USB authentication tokens

It includes tools for the automatic protection of applications, documents and digital media, as well as libraries and sample codes for source code implementation with API. The extremely short and tough metal case is designed for industrial and mobile use, it shields electronic circuitry perfectly and cryptlken water and dust proof. There is a wide range of options to create your individual CrypToken: This makes problems caused by the lack of drivers for a particular platform crryptoken of the past.

Reliable, fast communication and device cryptokken on the USB port, faster than most Smartcards. MSI for Windows operating systems. Driver and Diagnostic Tools. Smartcard-Applets for individual applications. Visible laser engraving of a data matrix code 2D barcode or serial number on the USB connector improves logistics in the field.


MARX CrypToken – Secure eBusiness – Cryptoken

All three work as advertised and provide two-factor authentication. Security experts know that reliable identification crjptoken authentification are the Achilles heel of eBusiness and eCommerce.

As I mentioned, to enable reinsertion of the token you have to install static driver — Hot Usg Enabler. Thank you very much for evaluating the CrypToken M MARX offers a variety of optional accessories for the CrypToken to enhance logistics and comfort of every-day use.

Suitable as OEM token for the integration into existing software applications.

SmarxOS 4 Android Please sign in. To fix this problem you need to reboot PC or install a static driver that will allow reinsertion of the token. For more information please see our Terms of Use. Please choose your location. Cryptoken is probably about times faster than Axalto token, it has build in chip that processes all operations in the token, while Axalto has to rely on the drivers and processing speed of OS. Dust-caps are designed to protect the connector of the CrypToken when it is unplugged.

SafeSign IC offers you: Additional algorithms can be integrated with individual applets. The hardware based encryption complies with Bit-RSA standard. Which driver version was installed on the computer and which operating system do you use? SmrxTiming Please sign in. Smallest token on the market It is the smallest USB token on the market available today allowing end users to easily include the Marx USB token on their key ring.


AET is a leading global supplier of strong authentication solutions.

Cryptoken looks like a little cry;token bullet, it is very small and very sturdy, I think it can survive on the key chain and not break for at least couple years. Please activate your cookies in your browser to use the complete functionality of our website. The metal key-chain tag for the CrypToken is available in chrome.

field of application

Please activate your cookies in your browser to use the complete functionality of our website. The smartcard USB token provides dependable user identification via two-factor-authentification for sensitive data and applications.

One of the challenges with Cryptoken is that the default driver doesn’t allow reinsertion of the token. Simplifies and accelerates the processing and delivery of your orders. Furthermore, we can customize the casing according to your corporate design and color.