The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers. Have you scanned for viruses and spyware with up to date definitions? The photos come out pink. The driver that is selected is a default driver in the Mac and starts with a G and even after installing drivers from the hp website the default driver is the only option available for the model in the selection box. Complete the form to select your contact options” Step 4.

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Speaking of obsolete, Service Pack 3 is out now. Note ms archived topics. The printer will automatically “retime” itself after the new belt is installed. Unless HP can be induced to change the distribution of ink in their cartridges, the only option is to use models that have a separate cartridge for each color.

However, it has trouble pulling the paper through and if it does, the paper gets wrinkled up and jams.

See my last post. Uninstall Acrobat Reader and then go to the Programs folder and delete any Acrobat folders that may have been left behind. Del Law I should have been more specific. The only driver available is included with Windows XP. The computer then searched for a driver and could not find one. With your printer turned on as normal, simply open the Top Cover and the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly will move over to around the center position.


HP Deskjet c Overview – CNET

I don’t know what you downloaded from HP but is was not the driver for a Deskjet C. Tablets by David Carnoy Dec 13, Hi – My printer is 4 yrs old, never had a problem.

I have an HP C deskjet printer.

It is easy to work with, easy to set the settings, and dedkjet out and out good deal, if you can still find them. I’ve ignored that warning a lot of times in the past and my computer still works fine. Or have they been sitting around a while? The empty cartridge does not have ink flow at all, so it’s a good control.

Printer: HP DeskJet C | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Click on my name and email me. As I said you would not believe what it was – try margins incorrectly set.

Anyone have a clue? This may get printer to go through the motions of printing even if no ink is applied to the paper.

HP DeskJet 812c

Blot the color cartridge print nozzles a few times for two seconds on a damp paper towel. I am experiencing the exact same problems, and also have tried similar fixes with no success. In color I have no green.


Thanks, Bert; that should have been obvious from when I cleaned it. Temporarily, you can clean those rollers with water on a rag, just for testing and see if cleaning helps.

Printer Repair Questions

Both cartridges have to be installed and recognized as good whether they have ink in them or not. Try reading this post and the answer to it: I have to admit though, those warnings from MS can be intimidating.

Thanks for any feedback. When this happens, I’m forced to let the bad print job run its course, which takes lots of paper and ink as it tries to figure out what to do with printer codes for a different printer we do recycle paper from the last bogus job. That slamming can also result in the printers Printhead Alignment being thrown off. This only happens with the new computer.

The print head is at the bottom of the cartridge. Then lube the reskjet bar on both sides of the holder assembly, slightly with a precision oiler, not a spray lubrication.