What to do if authentication failed default: Director Media Brokers International, Inc. Returning a user field can be used to change the username. The config directory should contain a README file pointing to an example configuration, which you can use as your basic configuration. The “args” were not accepted according to the output from dovecot -n As now i installed dovecot 20, with a fresh dovecot. Databases that support looking up only passwords, but no user or extra fields:

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Return success, don’t continue to the next passdb. If “yes”, used to provide master users database.

AuthDatabase/PasswdFile – Dovecot Wiki

The users listed in the master passdb can log in as other users. If you leave any of the missinb userdb fields uid, gid, home empty, these defaults will be used. What version of dovecot is this? Space or comma-separated list of auth mechanisms e.

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PasswordDatabase last edited This was commonly used together with master passdb to specify that even after a successful master user authentication, the authentication should continue to the actual non-master passdb to lookup the user. You probably want to switch this back to “yes” afterward.


Specifying the privileged user must be done as shown. Also, it sounds like you didn’t even attempt plain text login at all.

email – Dovecot auth failed “missing args” – Server Fault

This is usually needed only if you use plaintext passwords. You can use multiple databases, so if the password doesn’t match in the first database, Dovecot checks the next one. No such file or directory doveconf: This setup was created after a lot of reading, testing and reading yep again! How to get a working dovecot. This documentation is for Dovecot v2. Dict key-value database Redis, memcached, etc. Skip, if non-empty and the current auth mechanism is not listed here. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

How to get a working dovecot.conf?

Anyone else wishes to comment on this setup is of course welcome to do so. I try to config Dovecot and I got this strange log: Lua script for authentication v2. doecot.conf

Director Media Brokers International, Inc. In reply to this post by fakessh fakessh fakessh. It can also be used to configure things like proxies. You have an issue in the args lines.


If the user is found from the passdb, the authentication will fail.

Hi missinh, It seems i have undone some errors, as the output now shows the version of dovecot and the os: In particular, it will fail if used directly as a userdb as the field used for home is not in the same place as expected by the Dovecot parser. Also “none” can be used to match for a non-authenticating passdb lookup. Returning a user field can be used passd change the username.

If “yes”, used to provide “denied users database”.

However, the Linux-style passwd file has fewer fields pzssdb that used by FreeBSD and it will need to be edited if any fields past the first four are needed. I had to replace obsolete entries first. Hi, Have you populated the dovecot-sql.