Sometimes, on a free weekend, when you’re tired and bored to even play some games, you might be thinking like what I have just written above. My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more In particular, int 67h intercept of VCPI calls get set up too. If you cannot use ISA slots for a real soundblaster compatible soundcard, you can only select which evil method you consider the least evil: They also sometimes use unusual IRQ numbers, which the small drivers try to work around.

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Search everywhere only in this topic. Can anybody access or provide a mirror of http: The driver makes use of VCPI for protected mode operations. Something like how Dosbox emulates all these ports and interupts in Windows, Linux and Mac?

Easy MAMECab — Sound Blaster DOS drivers

Also if anyone actually got sound and music to work with PCI sound cards on modern or near modern Desktop systems I. The Ultima 7 problem is that this game is not compatible with EMM or Dosemu or other fast emulators, so you need slow full emulators or real hardware for this: This is the address of the wavetable chip in hex for example, On sound blasters or equivalent, I think some cards use the ES chip. In the end, just a Sound Blaster or Pro emulator with built-in good slow down utility and a VESA compatible driver is all that I need in a modern system.


A Dosbox-in-Dos emulation can make use of current super fast and multi-core processors. It supports three melodic channels and one noise channel. At the moment I am using this motherboard:. I think i have problem.

Getting sound to work in FreeDOS on Modern systems.

All hail the Great Capacitor Brand Finder. Ability to run resource -hungry dos games in modern systems at full speed.

Sometimes going all the way is just a start On Wed, Jun 10, at 5: Some issues for making SB emulation work with generic Ffeedos sound: Board index All times are UTC. Dosemu only shows segmentation fault when I try to run any game. On Fri, Jun 12, at 4: Inside a DOS emulator, things are a little easier.

VOGONS • View topic – Sound Blaster Emulator for Dos?

Even tried the SB in the strings, I get the same thing, no sound. OK, no luck I just got to test it last night. Working properly with DOS would be great to play games on such machines that aren’t old enough to run DOS or Windows 9x but not new enough to run dosbox or even windows 7 properly. It’s just an freedoos crap!


This means you sn access to the source code for all FreeDOS. I recall reading somewhere Aureal Vortex cards might work but I want to get some real advice from subscribers here.

A forum mentions the following: Assuming such drivers do not exist, I will seriously considering developing it, but there are questions regarding feasibility, and any development tips would be helpful.

On Mon, Aug 17, at 6: There are some wiki and faq pages about this question: BAT that tell the game how your sound card is configured. I know I have the SB16 emulation strings set up freddos from autoexec and config.

In modern processors, I think interrupt latency could be a issue. Check your emulator for details.

I guess the PCI architecture will prevent this?