Andrew Wyatt has announced the release of Fuduntu The first question I get is the hostname. Fuduntu has made it to Distrowatch! Another noticeable thing will be the new dock. We are a little behind with Aurora, but if you have seen the blog and the screenshots of the installer it’s a really good sign of things to come.

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Add to this the fact the desktop is very close to Windows including features like desktop short cuts and start like menu it would be very quick for a Window User to learn how to get around it.

Hmm that’s probably not worth it.

This chronicle is the public blog of mine which contains my opinions, likes, dislikes and snapshots of my life. Why install GIMP and Lighscape, most users have no use for either and they take up a good deal of space. To those of you at Ubuntu Forum that fufuntu Fuduntu, we thank you. A Fedora 12 update managed to ruin my installation Included in this release: To help those who may want a lighter install, especially for netbooks, we now include a light edition.


Just and FYI if you are confusingly atti that is close enough. About the best we can do is test it on one of my desktops where it seems to work fine.

Fuduntu – Wikipedia

Why Debian for 3CX? Why even use a combo of Fedora and Ubuntu why not create a whole new name.

The nvidia issue is worked around until I have a better solution. This has to be the worst distro name out there.

Keep up the good work. Fuduntj find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I will try Fuduntu when I get some spare time. While doing the cleaning I tested an old laptop which over a year ago looked like it had died finally though the laptop had gone through a repair from a fuduntj retail company who failed to repair it.

That is most likely due to the read only filesystem. The Fedora team does an excellent job by the way. We are a little behind with Aurora, but if you have seen the blog and the screenshots of the installer it’s a really good sign of things to come. I need assistance with uploading torrents The noise from the scorpio blue that replaced isn’t even noticeable. Cheers, and good luck with the FUD. If it improves power too then excellent.


That makes me hate it instantly As we are a rolling release distribution with quarterly snapshots, you should expect four roll-up releases this year.

Review: Installation and first Look: Fuduntu 2012.1

Next Post Next post: Definitely not a “garbage salad”. I can’t seem to change any settings. I guess they are still in afi after all. Yes, it is a very active project. I stopped seeding late last night, needed the computer off net for a while.

This release is considered the first official Fuduntu ‘rolling-release’ ISO image. It seems like you’re just wanting the boost of a popular name.

Overall, not too many options. Which topic are you interested in?