A white screen shows for a split second when you activate cheats. Some GBA games still remain the best games on the market. Hmm…but I have to no avail figured out how to save multiple games on the eLink which kinda sucks. Thanks again for your help and sorry about not putting this all in one post. Every time, it will check the online database and see if there is a new version.

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It will also come in a Lite sized cartridge soon, which will retain all of the features of the original ELink. The golden finger cheats the function Alex4UDec 26, at I’ll wait for the larger sized carts. What are the great games you can’t play without the Real Time Clock?

S 4saken, how much does it cost.

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Discussion in ‘ User Submitted News ‘ started by gbaelinkSep 27, I play Mother 3 for a while, the save works, woohoo. If anyone figures out how to fix this, please tell me. It has an incredibly low price, which should more than make up for any faults it has.


It does help, since it save patches and soft reset patches ALL games you put on your card. Spreading the word huh. Before he said it worked once, but then it stopped working.

Have any contact email address? It really seems to be a solid, cheap cart once you get it working.

For me, two options, when adding Mother 3 to my Elink, which possibly affected it: Posted about 10 years ago edited about 10 years ago Quote Permalink. Immediate archive function in development GBAtemp’s official Elink review now up!

DiegoLasCasas Jun 16, One sec… I wrote this for somebody else. Costello Mar 31, The USB cable is very study, and is about a meter long.

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Once connected, you turn on the GBA and turn on the program. The ELink claims to play music, videos, eBooks, and most importantly, games. With my SP …. He is compiling an Elink tutorial which will also include fixes for known problems encountered during his own method. I just had an idea.


Flash Elink Hide similar threads. You only need to drag and drop to a specified folder, then click add to burn list to get it into your ELink. tba

Free position increase deletion function I found that it worked on almost all games, but homebrew was a hit and miss. Mother 3 and other Eelink stuff work without one.

Nero Dec 10, Yep there are review links on yyjoy there is actually an extensive 8 page one there, mainly pictureshacken, ndsbbs, etc. It might eoink hard to understand just because of my wording, but here you go:. One of the most frustrating things about the ELink is connecting it to the computer.