Ok thanks, I’ve also ran into another problem, the Wifi only wants to work when it wants too.. The installed OS, or even the HDD itself, have no bearing on the ability to boot from another device. All drivers are installed and working properly. Computer powers off in sleep mode Had to start fresh.

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Driver Reviver Windows Driver Updater. Another question is that why replacing the broken GB hard drive I noticed the second hard drive expansion which I thought was pure genius!

31AT9MB DA0AT9MB8A3 | Hp DV Motherboard

Driver Reviver will also identify all of your other out of date drivers. Virus Problem, Please Help. File Extensions Library of file extensions. Neither the speakers nor the headphone jack produce any sound.

[SOLVED] No audio on HP DV9000

Below is the service manual for dv900 dv series notebooks. I told him its not mine its for a friend on a super fixed income. The best thing to do is to get one on eBay and do your search by the HP part.

Windows Update probably installed some generic Wifi driver which wasn’t fully compatible. I performed my own Mother board reflow for the Nvidia GPU, as well as the penny mod, and I upgraded to some really high end silver thermal paste with Diamond dust in it. I removed the motherboard and had the video chipset repaired to fix the known video issue. Must not have pushed it in all the way during reassembly.


Basically he said the southbridge on this machine is shot. Detects wireless card, connects to internet and Windows update downloads SD-card reader, graphics card Geforce Go I guess basic driversethernet, updated wireless, audio, everything.

Registry Reviver Registry Reviver support. Thanks for your time -Ben. Computer powers off in sleep mode I also cleaned out the fan which was probably the cause of the GPU to fail. Unknown USB Device code 43 in device manager. Visit our Support Home page. HP Synaptics Touchpad Driver. Please select from the list below.

The installed OS, or even the HDD itself, have no bearing on the ability to boot from another device. Note on archived topics. It will magically just work.

HP Pavilion dvca Drivers and Downloads page: And I couldn’t just reinstall the drivers and get it to work after it was messed up. Here is the laptop specs: Many of them are region specific so hpp sure you get the part number for the country you live in as well.


This way she could have at least 2 USB ports that work so can access her external drive and hook up a mouse or print until can afford to get a new laptop, cuz I told her to junk it. With the Windows 7 install no USB’s worked or the webcam. Video Blogs Protect your browser and PC.

Free Download! Latest driver updates for HP Pavilion Notebook dv – dvca

You may want to follow this guide below on how to minimize the problem. So everything is there in device manager except for where it says USB. He said don’t expect this thing to run much longer.

She said they worked before, but some how I’m getting the feeling of not believing her.