In general, you’ll do best to make Exposure adjustments first that is, before those for Color , and the Histogram window is a significant help in doing so. We found the media handling of the PhotoSmart Scanner to be quite reliable and problem-free. When operating in TWAIN mode, you have all the normal functions of the scanning software at your disposal, the only difference being that the finished image magically appears back in the originating application, rather than being sent to a disk file, or output on a printer. On the earlier PhotoSmart scanner, we observed a minor problem with the calibration process, which showed up in very dark areas on some of our standard images. By luck, I happened to stumble across an article with Google that referenced a scan setting more appropriate for the age of slides with which I’m currently working “old or faded color slides” vs.

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This leaves the calculation of how many pixels are needed up to the user, but simplifies the operation of the scanning software. After setting scanning controls for a photo, you’ll return to this screen to initiate the actual scan itself.

HP PhotoSmart S20 Scanner Overview – CNET

We found the PhotoSmart Scanner’s resolution to be excellent, producing visual resolutions of line pairs per picture height both vertically and horizontally on our Kodak Technical Pan version of the WG resolution test target.

Jeremy I am an HP employee, however, this content reflects my personal opinion and is in no way associated with HP. When we tested the original PhotoSmart, we were impressed enough to worry that our remarks would make us sound like “perpetual cheerleaders for digital imaging. Supported Film Types One of the things we’ve learned in playing with film scanners is just how strange color negative film is!


This new version of the PhotoSmart scanner digitizes a full 12 bits per channel, which gives it a good ability to hold detail in shadows on slides. Device manufacturers also notoriously use it in attempts to correct for resolution shortcomings. Scanner Operation and User Interface Calibration Actually, before we get into the scanning process itself, it would probably be a good idea to mention calibration.

We’ll take what we can get though, and the rotation adjustment via software is a feature we’d like to see in more scanners. For example, dragging it toward green shifts the balance toward green and away from magenta. I’d say it’s great for someone who needs to convert a small collection of slides to digital.

We mention it though, because we’ve had at least one email from a reader who experienced this problem with the new unit as well. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner While it actually wasn’t terribly difficult in most cases to add the SCSI card scamner a computer system, many people are understandably leery of venturing inside their computer’s case.

By contrast, the sensors in most digital cameras are “striped” with color filters, so that only one out of every three sensor pixels is assigned to a given color. We won’t review this package here, since it isn’t included with the S20, but we refer readers back to our review of the previous model of the PhotoSmart Scanner, for a fairly in-depth discussion of the Photofinishing application.

The earlier model used an even faster, but much more difficult-to-connect SCSI port, and required adding an ISA-bus card to your computer in order to use it.

We also found the software of the new unit to be more functional, and the color fidelity and general image e20 much improved over its predecessor.

HP Photosmart S20 Scanner

If you’d like to check out Ed’s VueScan program, follow this link to his site. This touches on one of the few areas in which we’d like to photismart further enhancements in the HP software: Message 8 of 8.


When it is used, it’s frequently overdone, resulting in heavy, blocky images. How do you know when and where you’re losing detail though?

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However, for images you are afraid to send out for fear of damage or loss, this device does a wonderful job. Color Once the exposure range is set, it’s time photosmartt consider the color balance of your image.

This is an incredible scanner for the price, and a great one photosmzrt any price! Message 6 of 8. The sample images below show what we mean: You can google for the original software, but I haven’t seen any for sale, except with an s20 scanner.

Besides the difference in the computer connection though, almost every aspect of the scanner has been upgraded relative to its predecessor. Used HP software but will upgrade to something else when I can. You can make fine adjustments in the pixel dimensions, either by changing the value in the scaling percentage window, or by adjusting the horizontal or vertical pixel numbers accordingly.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Disconnect the scanner then reconnect then run the PhotoSmart program the scanner should now work.

Only with unusual film types the Royal Gold 25 House shotor images with really pathological exposure characteristics the Train picture were any adjustments needed.