Do not place near heaters, air conditioners, water, chemicals or refrigerators. Machine ID The stored information that appears on the top of faxed pages. Installing the Remote Printer Console Before you install the program, make sure you have the following hardware and software to install the program: While it is often relatively simple to connect the machine to a key system or a PBX Private Branch Exchange , we suggest that you contact the company that installed your telephone system and ask them to connect the machine for you. Before You Begin When the feature is OFF, the report is printed automatically only if an error occurred during transmission.

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Delayed Batch Transmission Before sending the delayed faxes, your machine will economize by sorting all the documents in memory by destination and scheduled time.

Printing The Print Configuration List Load paper Maximum Paper in the paper cassette. Manual Feed Slot Page gray scale S-1 machine ID Groups federal regulations dialing machine settings setting up maintenance, routine manual dialing mode handset transmission connecting manual feed slot volume memory, additional hearing aid compatible memory full Installing The Drum Unit Assembly imagiatics Connect the telephone line.



Document Jam Document Jam The documents were not inserted or fed properly, or were too long. Manual Dialing Manual dialing is simply pressing all of the digits of the phone number. Storing Speed Dial Numbers If you need to store a pause longer than 3. You can imagiwtics how long the machine is idle from 00 to 99 minutes before it drops into sleep mode.

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Special Line Considerations See fax es programming a number if you are having difficulty paper redial size redialing setting reducing specifications S-1 copies paper jam long faxes parallel interface cable remote codes for extension phones pause Setting The Ring Volume Composing Electronic Cover Sheet Click the Next button. Printer Setup Category Cassette 2 holds up to sheets of 20 lb.

The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice to incorporate improvements made to the products listed in this manual. Fax Tones and Handshake When someone is sending imagistjcs fax, the machine sends fax calling tones, CNG tones —soft, intermittent beeps at 4-second intervals.

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Right Margin Sets the Right Margin value columns. Page printer driver.


Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. This utility program stays resident in your computer memory Terminate-and-Stay Resident program and runs in the background.

Imagistiics The Toner Cartridge Installing The Remote Printer Console When you press the Fax Receive Codethe machine starts to receive a fax.

Imagistics 1630 Operating Manual

Journal lists information about the last 50 incoming and outgoing faxes. Making corrections If you entered a letter incorrectly and want to change it, press to move the cursor after the last correct letter.

Your cover sheet includes the name stored in the One Touch or Speed Dial memory. If you purchased and attached the optional Cassette 2 you can select the reduction ratio for each cassette. It has been factory set to the Quality middle position. Important Safety Instructions Read all of these instructions. Making Multiple Copies Avoid placing your machine in a high-traffic area.