But at a lower price and higher capacity than the XM, and assuming the usual Apple pricing, there is a very good chance that it will not perform as well as the Intel XM reviewed here. Installing a solid state drive SSD Page 5: This is the unit everyone is excited about. Update Feb 14, In every test that involved reading significant amounts of data the XM is screaming fast , offering up to 3X the performance for applications limited by disk speed.

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Intel X25-M G2 160GB solid state drive (SSD)

It is now a completely blazing fast machine!!! The speed simply cannot be matched intep any internal hard drive configuration on a MacBook Pro.

Unix commands MacBook Pro unibody 2. Real-world tasks should be given top intek as far as evaluating performance; benchmarks are useful but do not necessarily reflect real-world performance for specific tasks—and that is what really matters: If GB meets your capacity requirements, the Intel X25M will completely change the feel of your laptop. For example, it takes about 30 seconds or more for the 2. Software developers might build in various ways with various technologies, but two common environments are represented here.

Writes with the Intel X25M are not as fast as with alternatives like the Crucial M seriesbut performance still remains very high in a real world situation because there is no seek time or latency with an SSD, and speed is constant across the entire capacity, unlike a hard drive.


Mac* OS Compatibility for Intel® Solid State Drives

Still, it shows that in a server environment, solid state offers compelling advantages. Understanding Compressible vs Incompressible Data Page 3: A GB drive formats to Solid state disks are now being used in enterprise-grade servers as well as higher end notebook computers. It is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon as complete or accurate.

Drive manufacturers use X Xhence the size disparity. For your convenience, the View links below take you to OWC for specifications.

Please see the other SSD reviews using the menu at top right. The Intel XM is highly regarded, but does it actually improve the computing experience consistently? The size of the data transfer chunk has a substantial influence on speed until sufficient size is reached.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. View prices on SSD.

Intel XM Firmware Update? | MacRumors Forums

Inwe are likely to enjoy substantial advances in performance and capacity along with reductions in cost. Write speed makes the most difference for builds, and here SSD offers an insignificant advantage. It offers blisteringly-fast reads that will completely change the feel of any Mac.


The intel xm essentially serves the purpose of reading data. I ibtel launch DreamWeaver CS4 and work in it for many hours. When write performance joins the mix, it dilutes the performance advantage.

Intel X25-M SSD’s don’t work with Mac OSX 10.8.3

It might, and it might not. Please enter a title. Installing a solid state drive SSD Page 5: Intel 80GB XM 2. By comparison, the Seagate rpm Momentus Jac, there is no seek time or latency with an SSDso the real world performance overall will astonish anyone used to a hard drive.

The Intel XM fared ihtel well ingel, but it must be kept in mind that a To test random access speed, the following DiskTester command was used, performing random writes of 64K each, following by random reads of 64K each:. But if you love seeing your application launch in 3 seconds instead of 8 seconds the first timethen SSD is your prescription for happiness.

Those are great numbers, about 2.